Therapy is a process – it can give you tools to navigate your way through life, introduce you to the power of having a support system or help you face crippling trauma. It is an education, in a sense, teaching you skills that you perhaps did not learn in your life. It can give you the support you need to overcome an addiction, break habits that sabotage your happiness or help prevent future physical and emotional suffering.

Whatever the reason that brings you to therapy, finding the right person is very important. I invite you to look through the pages here to see if working together with me seems right to you.

Why AIT?

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), developed by Dr. Asha Clinton, is considered one of the power therapies; it goes deep and produces lasting results. It is a Jungian-based psychotherapy that heals trauma by treating the actual cause, how the trauma shows up today and the connection to the past trauma, the ensuing negative beliefs the trauma produced. Then, having removed the negative emotions around that early trauma, positive core qualities that were not developed by the individual suffering the trauma are installed and practiced at home.

AIT can treat a variety of psychological issues: depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, attachment wounds, spiritual wounds and the psychological and emotional underpinnings of physical illness. AIT looks at and treats behaviors, emotions and negative beliefs that interfere with normal functioning. It can be used with individuals, couples and in groups. All AIT practitioners have been trained to use the different protocols to treat the above issues, and have done their own therapy using those protocols.

AIT meets the person with compassion and a wish to avoid suffering. It can help strengthen those individuals who do not feel they have the strength to face their problems, Much like a personal trainer works with someone to help them build muscle, the AIT therapist works with an individual to help build the emotional muscle necessary to heal their problems and have a good life.