Experiential Group Therapy

Experiential therapy was developed by family therapist, Virginia Satir, to help explain how family systems continue to play out in our lives, long after we have left home. Today, this modified version of Satir’s use of role play expands to using group members to not only play family members, but also to teach you how to identify the different parts of yourself, what causes your triggers and how to learn to parent yourself to a new, satisfying life. Group therapy is a powerful tool that allows you see yourself in relationship to others. Group is also a place to experience the power of guided mediations.

Types of Groups Available:

  1. General Therapy Group – a mixed group that addresses issues that interfere with having satisfying relationships, loss of relationships, addiction recovery
  2. Women’s Group – issues that are particular to women: marital issues, low self-esteem, struggles with empowerment and fulfillment
  3. Childhood Trauma Group – includes all forms of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) and the recovery from those abuses
  4. Advanced Study of Self-Help Book – a specialized group that focuses on a particular book as it relates to the individual. Looks at blocking beliefs, trauma and how they effect the member in the context of the book being studied.