Family Constellation Facilitation

Family Constellation work was developed by German family therapist Bert Hellinger. After spending nearly 25 years living with and learning from the Zulu, he came to recognize that family trauma can express itself in individuals in subsequent generations – for example, a person's sudden, unexplained panic attacks can actually have their origins in an ancestor who experienced the trauma but was never able to resolve it. The Orders of Love, the basis of Constellation healing, focus on Belonging, Acknowledgement and proper Order. Family Constellation work is gentle, non-judgmental and deeply powerful work. Constellation facilitation is open to individuals, couples or families. It can be done in person or online. It requires a double-session booking.

There are other types of Constellations that have been employed for large groups of people, social justice, business struggles, etc. There have been constellations for healing illness, climate change and even the spread of COVID 19 when it first came into awareness.