Infidelity and Other Relationship Struggles

With the staggering statistic of divorce in our country (every two out of three marriages end in divorce), it is obvious that many don’t know how to either work through their differences or even pick a suitable partner. Some, coming from divorced families themselves, are fearful of speaking into problems because they might precipitate the end of a relationship. Others look outside the marriage for fulfillment or connection, thus putting the marriage in peril. With the economic crash in 2008, some found that they could not afford to divorce, but have stayed together, teaching their children how to be business partners, but not how to have a satisfying marital relationship.

Betrayal of trust and the loss of connection are devastating to any relationship. Couples therapy seeks to create or restore the connection that is essential for a lasting relationship. Emotionally Focused Therapy, , developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, helps couples find their vulnerability and the courage to risk connection.

Another element of challenge to a relationship is our growing dependence on electronic devices to entertain and act as a substitute for human interaction. We are raising a generation of people who do not know how to relate on the most basic levels because they have spent their formative years with screens. It seems that we have not been able to keep pace emotionally with our technology. Therapy can and does help with this!